Loghat-nameh Dehkhoda. Be the first to review this product. Ships within weeks. $ Qty: Add to Cart. OR. Product Description; Reviews; Additional. Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda. by asghar62February 18, no comment. Are you looking to find a meaning oor the root of a Farsi (Persian) word, then you can. Even though this blog is intended for private use, I decided to type up some information about studying at the International Centre for Persian.

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This is my other option and I will wait until my friend does her course this winter so that I can hear about it, but is there anyone here who’s used this accommodation? I will be there until 27 of januari to learn Farsi.

accommodation, loghatnameh dehkhoda

If that fails, set up a Couchsurfing xehkhoda, and message people explaining your situation and asking if you can stay for a day or two when you first arrive. Abbas Aghdassi September August 6, at Shahdad and Bayazed stick in my mind.

I have no idea whether any of this helped or whether I was just lucky. What should I do?

If your dad is Iranian you are automatically considered to be Iranian as well. Islamic state means nothing, sexual harrassment is alive and well in Tehran. This is my blog, by the way!

Loghat-Nameh Dehkhoda

You go to Dehkhoda, they check that you are indeed on the verge of getting your authorisation number, and I think NOTE: Tehran Time-Out in Iran? My friend at Dehkhoda now said that many of her fellow foreign students are French this was also my experience so if you have any France-specific questions I could ask her.

  C5027 R PDF

I have heard that the lower-level classes are much more book-based and grammar-based, which often frustrates students who are only in Iran for a short amount of time and want to practice loghatjameh as much as possible. Did you get a confirmation from Dehkhoda that all your documents were right?

I have not heard of anyone else who got dehjhoda visa applying 2 months beforehand. We cannot say enough good things about Narjes, Iman,and about our whole experience. My name is Ella and I will be arriving in Dekhoda in two weeks. Despite that this is only one part of the main mansion that once existed that was a real huge one with many yards, but it still is beautiful!

Dehkhoda Dictionary

You can buy lighatnameh at Hope you got your visa. Or do I have to state in my application that I would like to stay for two terms? The Velenjak dorms are the ones I was talking about. We have told several friends, and I think a couple of them are serious about making the journey.

موسسه لغت نامه دهخدا

There is a small library, with four slow computers with slower internet with the filter, of course. While I was frantically pacing deh,hoda cafes, my Persian teacher spoke to the embassy in Canberra and offered me a backup solution. I am french and live in Paris.

You go to Dehkhoda, they check that you are indeed on the verge of getting your authorisation number, and I think. This site uses cookies.

If you are lucky you will be placed in nearby Velenjak, but many usually the boys are sent off to the middle of the city where it takes them an hour and a half to get to uni every day. Class is only from 9ampm every day. My suggestion for beginners to Persian who want to practice speaking more is to do it outside of class. I want to be able to teach my maybe future children good iranian, read persian litterature and be a part of the next positive generation: The fax machine never works.


Email required Address never made public. The preface of the digital version of the Dehkhoda Dictionaryrelease 3. It does have 4 computers in the library which you can use to get internet access, but they are painfully slow.

Loghahnameh rooms, suites and houses are also available which can be rented in the case you prefer not to lodge in a dorm; it is of course more expensive and needs a bit time to find one. I have some questions regarding application and VISA but they don’t reply to my email and I can’t reach them on the phone. Typically you will live with Iranians, just renting one room from them.

Tehran Do you need a onward ticket for Iran? Notify me of new comments via email.

What to do after rejection What’s the cheapest decent guesthouse in Tehran? Students tend to be younger, in the age group, but there are a number of older students as well.

August 6, at 7: Is the Velenjak dormitory good the other ones you wrote about made me feel yucky.

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