Libretto, Lakmé: Opera in three acts / Music by Leo Delibes ; Words by Gondinet, and Ph. Gille ; Translated and adapted by Theodore T. Barker. Lakme Libretto – Italian and English Text and Music of the Principal Airs (Grand Opera Librettos) [Leo Delibes, Gondinet, Ph Gille, Theodore T Barker] on. Title, Libretto, Lakme: Opera in Three Acts. Author, Léo Delibes. Translated by, Theodore T. Barker. Publisher, Oliver Ditson & Company, Original from, the .

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Elle echappe a tons les veux. C’est le dieu de la jeunesse, etc. I faint with fear. May the God Ganesa him still watch over. Vont a la source veneree Pour puiser I’eau sacree Chere aux amants heureux. With these young ladies. Festal song and sacred dance.

Trees b’eautiful and grand I see. Fraudrait-il vivre a ses genoux? O douce enchafiteresse, Parle, parle, toujours! A Brahmin dwells within. Faith I all can see. The dance is made up of several movements, entitled respectively Ter- ana, Keklah, Persian, etc. Sous ce vetement miserable! Pour nous faire oublier le monde L’aile de I’amour a passe!

Je de- mande du calme, un peu de calme! Les Memes, nioins Les Marchands.

Then he in a dream upward raises Unto heav’n the maid as she gazes And to her speaks: Luscious cakes, no finer vended! Je vous jure pourtant que si j’etais seul When the stranger attracts her, she is dazzled with splendor.


Lakmé | Leo Delibes |

In the pagodas they live, serving the priests of Brahma. Go ye and seek him both! Jamais le plus temeraire, Jamais un Hindou, mon frere, N’oserait parler ainsi. Lakme and other characters retur.

II va triomphant par la ville. Fair with dawning light, Let us twain now be wending. Yet would he libretfo his thanlcs for life to render 32 K M fi.

They stole my watch, those worthy dealers! Allofis, avant que mid’ sonne, etc.

Do the English now feel their blood running chill, When revenge upon my forhead they behold written still? Lakme, is it danger that threatens?

I’ll not forget thee soon, thou angel fair! Mallika et Hadji sortent en la regard- ant avec etonnement.

Catalog Record: Libretto, Lakmé : Opera in three acts | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The regiment is about to march away, and Gerald must be at his post. I to copy the jewels will remain.

Quel est le Dieu qui te soutientr Gerald. Nilakantha le suit et, au moment oil Gerald est prcs de Lakme, il le frappe et se sauve virement en le voyant tomber.


Allex tous deux vers lui! Je n’ai pas voulu en parler a Ellen parce quelle tremblerait a I’idfe dc lajme par- tir son fiance, Ellen n’a pas mon cour- age, et puis, moi, je n’ai pas de fiance.

Des siens separant le coupable, Sans bruit, pas a pas, vous irez, Et dans un cercle infranchissable Lentement vous Tenfermerez. Frederick accepts his friend’s word and leaves him Lakme returns with the sacred water.

His doom is sealed. All the shops are closed, llbretto say. Tu ne savais pas, sans doute, Quel danger tu courais. Look, please, see these jewels ra-e. And no one near?

Qu’ils sont gracieux de forme! Far away from prying sight, Without there’s naught to reveal it, Silent woods, by day and night, Ever jealously conceal it; Thither shalt thou follow me! We will bid the crowd hither wander, His secret, if he meet thee, I’ll libregto, Written plain on his face. La foule les acconipagne oi s’eloigne lentement. I’ll in peace go my way, E’er twilight dims the day!

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