The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop and meditations. The original, intensive, three-day workshop filmed in 11/ NYC. The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop & Course Manual with Introduction to The Kathara Bio-Healing System® Level 2. – The original. Ion willi Azurite Press MeEO Inc. iv Copyrlgtrt A &AOeaoe, , AI Rigbls ReserIed AP Regents Councit, authorized Kathara Bio-Spirituat Healing Program .

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The morphogenetic field scalar grid structure of dimensions takes the form of sets of DlmensionBI Matrices.

The Course-book Manuats that accompany some of these audio -video workshop programs contain onty the charts, graphs and most pertinent information pertaining to their corresponding audio-video program, and do not contain the many pages of dialogue and detaifed exptanation that is incorporated verbatty within the audio-video program. Genlly rub the Kathara Points with fingertips for 10 – 20 seconds each, following the precise sequence kkathara above.

The Tree holds the healig mathematicalijeometrical program upon which Kathara Grid Levels 2 and 3 are created, and is composed of the Kathara Centers and Kathara Lines.

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Appreciate what you have. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Exhale and breathe slowly for a moment. At any given moment, you can CHOOSE which words, associalions and ideas you will use as the fillers Ihrough which you interpret an event. Radial Body in Creation of the Hologram EO UC kl As: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Make an enquiry Phone: And though you might be able katyara ‘pull the wool over the eyes of others’, your own biology will be eventually be your own task masler.

Sequence-1 Katharq are used to open the Kathara Lines prior to other energy-healing applications, to open the Kathara Grid so the regenerative patterns heaping other healing applications can “ground” within the Kathara Gri d.

Kathara Level 1 | Thien dao nhat –

In this scalar- grid activating exercise, we will awaken dormant Partiki Phasing Flash-lines and activate dormant portions of kahara Kathara Lines in the Kathara Tree Grid, to begin opening Ihe chan nels of communication between the consciousness focused wilhin the Nada Hova Body and that focused within the Alphi Hova Body, of Harmonic The Context 01 He.

The vibratory-oscillation rate represents the healong between energy contraction vibration and energy expansion oscillalionwhich sels Ihe rhylhm of particle pulsalion Ihal governs Ihe formalion of wave spectra within dimensionalization. Scalar Grids are created through Partiki Phasing. We have learned that the Kathara Kzthara is the core template upon which the morphogenetic field manifests, and that the morphogenetic field is the blueprint upon which the body systems and embodied consciousness manifest.


The Sleeping Abductees Paperback. As science evolves into comprehension of tile multl-dimensional spectrum. For the first time in many katharx of years the potentials of healing, held within the PBIS, can be returned to humanity, and the PBIS can now be activated within the personally biology to reawaken the Maharlc Shield and Its Imprint for Health within the human Kathara System.

Jane Wood | Kathara Healing teacher | Liskeard, United Kingdom

They connect planetary and slellar bodies to their anti-particle counterparts and inlersecl wilh Vertical Inter-harmonic Star Gates and Horizontallnter-dimensional TIme Portals, through sels of Dlodlc – Miadic White healinv Black Hates at kathaga center of the planetary and stellar cores.

In truth, all of the sensing facilities organic to the human form comprise interwoven-and interrelated systems of energy refraction that together create the perceptual experience of externalization within the hologram of manifestation. Topical applications of healing modalities within the physical body, bio-chemistry, DNA, Auric Field, Chakra System, Level-2 Crystal Seals and Level-3 Healiny Points of the Kathara Grid nealing create temporary change toward healing, but the disharmonic conditions held within the core Level-1 Tree Kathara Grid will eventually override alterations made to the outer levels of the morphogenetic field or body systems.

The primary difference betwean Sequenc. In such categorization of the human sense facilities there are 7 additional, as yet unidentified, sense facilities operating within and through the human consciousnesswhich are collectively responsible for translating the scalar fields of dimensionalized reality healijg the illusionary holographic picture of externalized manifestation and its qualities or space, time, matter and identity individuation.

Thus, like many olher popular belief paradigms, including ALL known ‘New Age’ and ‘Tradftional’ spirituaVreligious doctrines and many fields of contemporary scientific study, the perSpectives presented wfthin the MCEO teachings must, too, be presently categorized as theoretical in nature.

One does not ‘get through the gates of Heaven’ or anywhere else desirable through using excuses for not employing genuine, not feigned, Spiritual Integrity.

The commilmenllo achieving excellence in qualily of produclion, as well as qualily of information, thai is held by members of Azurite Press slaff arises from Ihe personal desires of slaff members 10 “honor Heaoing spiril of Ihe leachings’ which Ihey have found personally valuable, kathaara well as from a desire 10 provide Ihe besl possible qualily of producl and service in spirilual respecllo the public.


In the beginning of using this technique, the effects of this reprogramming will last only several hours, as the outer levels of the Bio-field jealing have greater ‘Critical Mass’ in their distortion patterns than the Kathara Grid can immediately override. Awakening the Mentor and the 6th and 7th Senses. All forms have at their core the common structure of the Kathara Grid Holographic Template. The Dimensions composing the 5 Harmonic Universes together represent.

The Chakras regulate Ihe Iransduction of flash -line sequences from the Dimensionafized Unified Field and Diadic Vortices of the Axiom Lines and Auric Field Levels into the Hova Body tissue capsules and rivulel channels that connect to the physical, electro-magnetic, chemical and hormonal aspects of the katharra manifest form.

The third vibration of the Tn. Every organism has a different configuration kkathara energy receivers within its morphogenetic makeup and so every organism will have a variation of perception.

The Partiki in each dimension have a specific rate of vibratory-oscillation contraction and expansion of energywhich determines the Angular Rotation of Particle Spin angular axis upon which particles will spin. They oonlrol Ihe opening.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. We can, from our waking state of 3-dimensional consciousness, begin to actively tap this hidden reservoir of u knowledge and perceptual experience. Within kkathara Hologram of consciousness we perceive as solid and objectified the wave spectra and their inherent energy constructs of that which exists precisely one dimensional band below the present station of our consciousness focus.

Healing and Blo-Spiritual Evolution One doe. The microcosm within the Macrocosm. The information and new MeEO teachings contained within each workshop program always reflecllhe slandards of heaoing and quality inherenl to the MCEO Paradigm, bul often timely public release of new malerials is achieved althe expense of quality in product production.

The DNA can be viewed as the primary slructure through which subtle energy-consciousness translates into men”ast physicality. The miasms progressively reduce the quantity and lower the frequency of the naMal energies you can internally draw from the universal supply.

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