In , Katchatheevu was ceded to Sri Lanka by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi through the Indo-Sri Lankan Maritime agreement to settle. THE TRAITOROUS AGREEMENTS. The Island of Katchatheevu is a part of the Indian Union. It is very much within the sovereign. TN govt asks centre to initiate diplomatic steps and urges for withdrawal of the agreement ceding Katchatheevu islet to the island nation.

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The Indo Sri Lankan Pact, is based on this principle of joint exercise of suzerain power and not a complete ceding of territory as it is being portrayed by Mr. Krishna, before Parliament, that this agreement cannot be abandoned it a contemptuous statement transcending the Constitution, for which act, the External Affairs Minister, the Prime Minister and his Council of Minister should be held responsible.

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History of Kachchatheevu

Both these agreements are often mistaken as pertaining to one katchatgeevu the same issue and this confusion serves as an asset to the opponent while it is a agreementt to us. Peris, who during the years of British Rule in 40, served as an Assistant Draftsman and later became a Ministerial Secretary after Sri Lanka attained independence, on Has India ever helped Sri Lanka?

Are we not after two Italian marines who shot two Indian fishermen? It is this agreement of the yearwhich has contributed to killing of nearly Indian Fishermen, permanently disabled of them and disappearance at the same number.

In India recognized Sri Lankan ownership of the island on a conditional agreement. Notify me of new comments via email. While gifting away the land, Indira Gandhi pointed out that Katchatheevu Island is being ceded not on the basis of records but for other political reasons.


Though ceded to Sri Lanka, the agreement, which did not specify fishing rights, allowed Indian fishermen to fish around Katchatheevu and to dry their nets on the island. He owes agreemnt success to 1 strategy. Still have a question? The Gulf of Mannar which is situated south of Adams Bridge.

After the nuclear tests, India was under enormous international pressure and there was a need to garner support from neighbours. The exercise of joint suzerain power by England and France since over Candon and Endenbury is a best example.

If my statement is upheld, will Mr. During the civil war and with northern borders under the control of the LTTE expandthe fishermen had easy access into the fishing grounds.

Is India scared of Sri Lanka? This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.

Why did India cede the Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka in 1974?

In the year of srilankan govt started to say that katchtheevu belongs to them. The Sri Lankan government claims that depletion of marine resources on its waters has affected the livelihood of fishermen. Raja; Raghavan, Srinath The principle of Equi-Distance demarcation, normally followed in International treaties was not followed, but instead the demarcation was carried on with a sole object of forgoing Katchatheevu Island to Sri Lanka.

In the year then indian prime minister indira gandhi travelled to sri katchatheevi and also in the year sri lankan president sirimavo bandaranaike came to india. As such this agreement katchatheecu lost its sanction, has become inoperative and unenforceable. Email required Address never made public.

Drag according to your convenience. Wed, Jun 15 Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. It was put up by a prosperous fisherman in the early 20th century. Why did India cede the Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka in ?

History of Kachchatheevu | எல்லாளன்

The island originated from a volcanic eruption that occurred katchatheevh the 14th century. On the other hand, Sri Lanka had claimed that it had belonged them only right since British Era.


When Indian fishermen crossed boundaries, arrests followed and talks for retrieval of Katchafheevu followed suit in Tamil Katchathedvu.

This agreement had secured the rights of Indian fishermen o nly to dry their nets and use Church for religious observance. This entry was posted on August 16, Thank you for your feedback! This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Krishna and his Ministerial counterparts have failed to remember having taken an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution.

Recent Sri Lanka developments in comfort of sorts for India. This has emboldened the Sri Lankan navy to continue with its unabated killing of our Tamil Fishermen.

Katchatheevu: TN asks Centre to withdraw agreement with Sri Lanka – The Economic Times

It was filed under News. In a nutshell, the principle of Equi-Distance Demarcation, hundreds of documents from the year and the uninterrupted possession over the Island over the past thousand years would establish that the Island of Katchatheevu is part of the Aggeement territory.

In June the new Tamil Nadu government led by Jayalalithaa filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the declaration of the and agreements between India and Sri Agreemdnt on ceding of Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka as unconstitutional.

No such ratification or sanction has been obtained. Yet, the Central Government refuses to acknowledge this basic fact and transcending all its Constitutional authority, the Centre has allowed Sri Lanka to exercise its suzerainty over Katchatheevu Island.

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