Dr. Jamie Koufman of the Voice Institute of New York is a, if not THE, pioneer in treating respiratory reflux, also known as LPR. Download the eBook for Dropping Acid by Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern. Read excerpts, book reviews, & watch videos at Simon & Schuster. The Hardcover of the Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure by Jamie A. Koufman, Jordan Stern, Mark Michel Bauer | at Barnes.

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The authors main premise is that GERD has become epidemic because of changes in the American diet that include overconsumption of soda and highly acidic foods. No caid or quizzes yet. The authors define silent reflux and explain in depth what causes reflux. I borrowed this book on my Kindle and will likely buy a paper copy, because it is that good and a koufmsn reference tool. Wake up hoarse, with a scratchy throat?

Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure

I have to be sensitive to all of these issues when cooking for my family. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The section on the science of silent reflux resonated with me as I finally read the truth about my own experience. There are so many books and articles out there that conflict each other that I hope that this is the one that works for me! If you suffer with GERD or “silent reflux” then this book may really help you to learn about and control your condition. I wish this book was more instructive drolping complete. I don’t know how working people would adapt this diet to their lifestyles.

She was a pioneer of laryngeal framework surgery, minimally-invasive laryngeal laser surgery, laryngeal electromygraphy, and transnasal esophagoscopy. I’m NOT interested in those little purple pills! I will be bringing this book with me on the next visit to my GI doctor, the authors mention that some of the droppin they say are acidd by the medical profession so I think I need ddropping second opinion about it. Nov 19, Dee Renee Chesnut rated it it was amazing Shelves: Looking back, it makes sense that my reflux reached its low point postpartum.


I have now added foods to my diet that I never would have thought would actually help to counter acid reflux like fresh fennel and ginger root. Hopefully others will draw from this research and expand upon the subject. So far the recipes are good and the advice is right on the money.

In the end, I still eat with the Dropping Acid lessons in mind and it has helped ease my symptoms dramatically. The koufamn in the first few pages of the book was what I was hoping for.

Even though the recipes are low-fat and low-acid, it repeatedly tells you that those foods are okay some of the time in moderate quantities, especially once you get your reflux under control. My personal take on many indigestion issues is cutting out the “big inflammatory triad” – gluten, diary, sugar, but for patients who do not want to to be so rad as to completely dispense with all familiar foods, this would be a great start, and I am certain they would get great results.

The recipes looked OK, but most people should be able to find similar ones on-line working from a solid list of which foods are problematic and which are not. So far, my bf and I have janie two recipes. I have I have two reviews for this book.

Dropping Acid eBook by Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

This could be useful if you are not sure and would give you more information to share with your doctors. The blog is a useful companion to the book and a good starting point if you want to know more. Koufmna being the biggest culprit.

If you are budget conscious and not sure if it is worth the investment, try borrowing it from the library or take a preview of the blog. The pH charts are in a format that doesn’t allow easy copying and pasting to make your own lists. I liked the discussion of how acid reflux works and what can make it worse or help it.


I wish they had gone into that a little more. If not, you might want to look into some other sources — this book is good, but it definitely doesn’t start “at the beginning,” so to speak. My dietary changes resulted in improvement in one symptom. Sounds like your personal problem, not something I need to care about. My journey with LPR started three years ago when I started having difficulty breathing; I was coughing, wheezing, and generally felt like I couldn’t catch my breath.

I need info about at least some foods that can be prepared quickly and easily. acidd

Dropping Acid

ETA update March I know it’s a diet book but would have liked more science since this is just an emerging field. Why is it so important? The assumption seems to be “this is the healthiest diet around and will be good for anyone, no matter what their other issues.

I scanned koufmzn recipes but wasn’t particularly interested in them. They also didn’t seem that difficult or confusing to me, but then again, I cook a lot. Trivia About Dropping Acid: Her books have jamid me stop a mysterious six-month cough! I came across this cook book while reading another book on silent reflux. One of the main reasons people turn to convenience foods is that they don’t feel they have the time to cook.

kooufman Why is GERD becoming more and more common especially among younger people? How do I know the information is accurate? My preliminary rating I received this last week as a First Reads giveaway. The upside is that many of the recipes look very simple-I made the spaghetti and white clam sauce tonight and enjoyed it.

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