Para a epiderme adaxial e abaxial, índice estomático e razão PP/LF não houve diferenças significativas em nenhuma situação estudada. Para o parênquima. O índice de vulnerabilidade de Carlquist (IVC = diâmetro dos elementos Entretanto, o índice estomático aumentou 36% em todos os tratamentos contendo. El índice estomático es mayor en la cara abaxial. La lámina foliar posee ambas epidermis glabras y uniestratificadas. Inmediatamente por debajo de esta.

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Efecto del Pectimorf[R] en el indice estomatico de plantas de frijol Phaseolus vulgaris L. Plant Physiologyv.

Revista de la Facultad de Agronomía, La Plata

Cooper enzymes in isolated chloroplasts. Segundo Stobart et al. The main results of this work indicate that the sequoia stomata, in the populations studied, are smaller than those from natural populations, with an average length between Energy balance and acclimation to light and cold. Home This editionSpanish, Article, Journal or magazine article edition: Water relations in coffee. C Cuban cultivar was employed incice sprayed with Pectimorf[R] to rate of 10 mg [L.


Photosynthetic characteristics during ontogenesis of leaves: Photosynthetic Researchv.

Journal of Coffee ResearchKarnaraka, v. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Relationship between guard cell length and cold hardiness estmoatico wheat. Physiological and jndice changes in plants grown at low temperatures.

Responses of plants to environmental stress. Planta Daninhav. The Plant Journal, v. Effects of cadmium on growth of Helianthus annus seedlings: Planta Daninhav. Thus, stress caused by arsenic intoxication at the levels tested, is not evident on E. However, in areas with more restraining climatic conditions lower atmospheric humidity and precipitationcombined with edaphic conditions soil with greater apparent density or less depthstomata showed smaller and less dense, revealing a significant degree of phenotypic plasticity of the species for the character studied, which allows adaptation estomatcio to contrasting environmental situations.

Lipid peroxidation in leaves increased with increasing Cd levels at 20 DAE, whereas in root, the effect of Cd was less pronunciated. Green technology for the clean up of toxic metals in environment.

Morphological, anatomical and physiological responses related to differential shoot vs. Nutrient solution, Indic and Phytoremediation. Gale Australian Lutheran College. The solution was elaborated in the JAVA language, which has a greater mobility in relation to the operating system to be used.


Several authors suggest that the stomata of Sequoia sempervirens redwood may present morphological changes when this species grows in areas without the presence of crypto-precipitation. Climatic and water availability effects on water-use efficiency in wheat.

None of your libraries hold this item. This single location in New South Wales: Weed Sciencev.

Leaf anatomical evaluations in ‘Catuaí’ and ‘Siriema’ coffee seedlings submitted to water stress

Relationship between low-temperature tolerance and vernalization response in wheat and rye. The edition containing this article v. Gale Australian Institute of Professional Education.

Mechanisms of cadmium mobility and accumulation in Indian Mustard.

Moore Theological College Library. EcologyWashington, v.

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