When I first saw Darmani’s Grief Child in the bookstore and looked at the title, many synonyms came to mind sorrow, pain, anguish, misery. Grief Child [Lawrence Darmani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. GRIEF CHILD. ISBN 25 1. This novel won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for First Book, Africa Region, in , and selected by the West Africa.

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But cbild wanted to live”. Food was a major problems but it didn’t stop him from reaching his priority. Posted by Mary Okeke Like: The little village of Susa slept in darkness in the heart of the forest farms, among the tall trees.

Books by Lawrence Darmani. However, in a matter of two darnani, Adu’s life drastically had a turn of a hundred and eighty degrees as he tragically lost his whole family members.

The book was very captive.

Grief Child – Lawrence Darmani – Google Books

Monday, May 19, Is Grief Child a worthwhile novel? Goma is the prototype of an evil stepmother and if it were not for her influence over Ama her daughter, she would have ended up with both children hating her. Read this piece back inand I do remember reading with eye-filled tears at some point.

As the first end-of- term examination fast approaches and the exam fever inflicts him, Sando panics and seeks help from someone who is reported to have supernatural powers.

Grief Child

He weeps in silence for his friend Babio and lives in perpetual shock over Adam and Akuvi, two companions who forgot one basic principle of staying alive in risky times.


Eventually both Adu and Ama get life opportunities to move away from Buama and its associated painful experiences.

The villagers, in this story, are plagued by myths, beliefs and other forms of fears and misgivings for the supernatural and the unknown. Anonymous 5 November at If you had the opportunity to write a critical letter to your spouse, what would the content of that letter be, especially if no one else but just the two of you would ever know what you wrote? It is not surprising that in many instances the writer appears preachy and deliberately infuses excerpts that would be conceived as telling and not showing.

Whose faith in Christianity helped him in overcoming obstacles after losing all of his family members. We begin to see what the text describes as the struggle between light and darkness. But, if what goes on at the Beach Front is so great, why does Asamoah run back to school so fast?

May 18, Robin added it. He suffered so much in the hands of his aunt to the degree of wanting to put an end to his darmaji. There is a possibility that as a people, we are eternally aggrieved by the repercussions of colonialism thus bemoaning our lost sense of belonging through the deracination of our values as a people.

Is Grief Child a novel worth our reading? She has returned to claim Samira, her only daughter. Mar 09, Wendy rated it it was amazing. Nov 22, Maureen rated it liked it. Chhild a distant cluster of neighbouring villages, Adu heard a dog bark.


I enjoyed this book thoroghly. It is here that a series of surprises welcome her throughout the first term. Posted by Larry Ndivo at Would like to hear your opinion. What is not funny, however, is Kukua’s violent reaction when a senior girl tells her secretly, “Be my supi!

What happened to the Ten Ones she worked hard for? If the entertainment prefect thinks his idea of amusement will please every student, he is sadly mistaken. It’s the best Ghanaian novel I’ve read.

Mary Okeke 5 Chile at Grief Chil Lwarence purpose in publishing Grief Child is to inform the others that, life may be of obstacles and struggling but brave, hope and determined people get through it.

The students who have read the series have expressed delight for them and they are often included on students’ supplementary reading list. The long vacation has hardly begun when Kukua and Samira encounter the woman again. In Just Between Ustwenty-four love-constrained people, having travelled several years into their matrimony, write letters to their spouses, revealing top secrets, scandalous confessions, bizarre observations, childish suspicions, irreversible regrets, real fear, unbelievable actions, and even laughable inhibitions — all of them quite shocking and a bit disturbing.

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