When I first saw Darmani’s Grief Child in the bookstore and looked at the title, many synonyms came to mind sorrow, pain, anguish, misery. Grief Child [Lawrence Darmani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. GRIEF CHILD. ISBN 25 1. This novel won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for First Book, Africa Region, in , and selected by the West Africa.

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There is no place like home.

The book was very captive. He suffered so much in the hands of his aunt to the degree of wanting to put an end to his life. It was great seeing how an author from another culture writes. My girl read it in primary 6 and enjoyed it.

Grief Child by Lawrence Darmani | LibraryThing

The long vacation has hardly begun when Kukua and Samira encounter the woman again. But, if what goes on at the Beach Front is so great, why does Asamoah run back to school so fast? Apr 11, Louisa Opoku darmanu it it was amazing. A good thing Adu chose life over death. Africans are grief children and the newly independent nations are orphans in one way or the other. This book is one of the best books I have ever read.


The turning point of his life occurs when he chooses life over death. Nana Fredua-Agyeman 7 October at If the entertainment prefect thinks his idea of amusement will please every student, he is sadly mistaken.

Grief Child

It is a great read. Jul 08, Rufai Rafik rated it it was amazing.

When the story begins, Sosu and his mates at the Eden School are put to a strange test by Mr. Quist, their teacher, who gives them a big home-work assignment: Hey Anonymous, you said it all, your girl.

Oct 09, Addo Benjamin armah rated it it was amazing. Why does it appear that everybody is sick in that village?

So while the other students are enjoying themselves, Asamoah sneaks out of campus to the Beach Front in a wild quest for proper entertainment. The mahoganies and sapeles stood tall in the dark sky, providing a canopy over the village and deepening the lawrwnce of the pitch-dark night. Kofi Kingpharoah rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Brooding over and infusing all is the Ghanaian setting — the living, breathing landscape of forest, farm, and village.

Adu, a happy preteen boy lived with his family in Susa, a village lawrecne in the South of Ghana. The days seem to be crawling, but here is third term already. This series of five novels, published together, hit the schools with a bang – so to speak! Mar cjild, Kyere K.


It educates the readers to keep strong and they shall make cjild. Therefore, Grief Child invites the reader to read, nay see the many young African nations as being symbolised through the character of Adu. Moreover, everyone during reading, will pass on more than one grief: View all 4 comments.

The villagers, in this story, are plagued by myths, beliefs and other forms of fears and misgivings for the supernatural and the unknown.

It is an unenviable dilemma that Africans have had to grapple with since the missionaries set foot in the continent. I think it is a book that will do for young adults. Surely, first term in the senior high school is giref of surprises! As most of you already know, count it part of my reading challenge. Can a baby be thrown away at birth and still manage to grow up and enter senior high grisf It teaches more moral lessons and African culture.

I gief this book thoroghly. Mary Okeke 5 November at I found myself in tears when I got to the middle of the story.

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