Fractura De Escafoide Jess. 1. FRACTURA DE ESCAFOIDE Jessica Cruz Muños ; 2. Generalidades Después de la fractura de Colles. A fratura do punho – rádio distal – é uma das mais frequentes do esqueleto. Não raro as fraturas acabam consolidando com deformidade. throsis. Cross-sectional studies. RESUMO. Objetivo: Verificar como os cirurgiões da mão conduzem o trat- amento da fratura de escafoide e suas complicações.

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Fratura de úmero

Falls, automobile accidents, or sport-related accidents are the main causes of this type of fracture. Delays and poor management of scaphoid fractures: Support Center Support Center.

A new intervention was performed, showing scaphoid excavation and elevation of the vascularized bone graft E and F. The incision is then closed Fig.

Fratura de Bennett

In the first week after surgery, we used a long orthesis, which immobilized the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb, and began rehabilitation in order to control swelling, treat scarring and increase movement.

Conclusions Percutaneous fixation is an excellent, reproducible technique that allows early active mobility of the wrist with a low complication rate, although it requires a learning curve. Inoue and Shionoya, 24 in their retrospective analyses of ds scaphoid fractures with a minimum follow-up of six months, demonstrated that patients treated with percutaneous screws presented fracture consolidation at six weeks vs.


Furthermore, the same authors warn that treatments that prescribe nine to 12 weeks of immobilization are not free of complications, escafiide the good levels of bone union. Herbert screw fixation by limited access for acute fractures of the scaphoid. Nonunion of the scaphoid: Furthermore, the same authors warn that treatments comprising 9—12 weeks of immobilization are not free of complications, despite the good levels of bone union. Many minimally dislocated fractures are not visible on radiographs; these cases may present a risk of nonunion.

Keywords – Epiphyses, slipped; Fractures, stress; Wrist. The mean time from diagnosis was 4. The vascularity of the scaphoid bone.

Of the total fractures, 24 cases were of the scaphoid waist Patient with anatomical snuffbox pain 24 weeks after the surgical procedure. Percutaneous method for a proximal pole fracture. Epidemiology of scaphoid fractures in Bergen, Norway. Despite the high escafoids incidence of injury, stress fracture of the scaphoid is relatively rare, with only a few references in the literature 1, Athletic injuries of the wrist.

Fratura de Bennett – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Treatment of scaphoid fractures and nonunions. Esafoide information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Diagnostic time and consolidation time evaluations were analyzed using SPSS v. The mean time to return to work was seven weeks, including patients with proximal pole fractures, in line with the studies by Bond et al.


As for the fracture plane, Stress fractures of the lower extremity are common and are often related to athletic activities. A posteroanterior radiograph of the wrist showed a scaphoid waist fracture and an opening of the radial aspect of secafoide distal radial epiphysis Figure 1.

The surgical method was as follows: In the case of proximal pole fracture, a technical failure occurred because the screw head was not fully inserted into the proximal pole; stabilization was lost and consolidation was not achieved.

Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg. Scaphoid wrist fracture, showing nonunion. In the other case, a technical failure occurred because the screw head was not fully inserted into the proximal pole; stabilization was lost and consolidation frqtura not achieved.

The reasons for choosing surgical treatment of the scaphoid and distal radius were:

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