Winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize () The word ‘eunoia,’ which literally Eunoia. The Upgraded Edition. Show Details By Christian Bök Categories: Poetry . Eunoia by Christian Bök I’ll Drown My Book by Caroline Bergvall Against Expression by Craig Dworkin Soliloquy by Kenneth Goldsmith Unoriginal Genius by. Eunoia Christian Bök Coach House Books, $ (paper). In the introduction to Information Arts, Stephen Wilson’s copious catalogue of.

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Outsider Poems, a Mini-Anthology in Progress chrkstian From “Shaking the Pumpkin Revisited: Every chapter had patterns interwoven in the forms of theme. Ugly urns usurp unsung suns.

Review: Eunoia

May 18, Chris rated it it was amazing. Ubu sums up lump sums.

The place of poetry, the place of religion, the place of rhyme I dig this ditch, filling bins with dirt, piling it high, sift- ing it, till I find bright prisms twinkling with glitz. A Meditation on the Word “Diaspora” A black mass, alas, has a bad rap that an Afghan can’t.

Four Medieval Scenes, for Robert Duncan The fact that Bok sat down and went through an entire dictionary to do this poem is ridiculous. So in a few places the book loses its exciting internal energy, because in those places after all, it is just a list of words.


Eunoia: by Christian Bok

Shaking the Pumpkin 2: The French Connection From The Jacket Interview: Profs from Oxford show frosh who do post- docs how chrristian gloss works of Wordsworth.

They’re prose poems, nearly the same length and all presented as a prose block looking like a square of words on the page. All chapters must describe a culinary banquet, a prurient debauch, a pastoral tableau and a nautical voyage.

All sentences must accent internal rhyme through the use of syntactical parallelism. Even the cover art was selected for its unique employment of vowels.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. View all 4 comments. His limitations acted as a yin for his creativity, just as randomness and anarchy balances with order.

Eunoia | Coach House Books

And once that notion takes root, you realise that sometimes Bok relies on lists of animals and city names to get him chgistian of the hole his own strictures impose on him. Memory Number 1, Market Place a beautiful short storycirca Midwinter Part One Two Paths for the Personal Essay The personal essay is not dead, but has it traded A Transmigralation The first five chapters of this book are each restricted to the use of only one vowel: A rerelease of the original book — with new material — is scheduled for September.


From A Book of Concealments: Five Poems after Poems by Jan Skacel On the Insanity of Cornplanter Part Two Outsider Poems, a Mini-Anthology in Progress A few good passages aside all in chapter EEunoia is noteworthy only in its self-imposed limitations.

Using this familiarity, and subverting it, could give him more freedom to explore a unique angle, because he assumes that a reader has implicit knowledge beforehand. Consider for example a reader interested in the passages that “allude to the art of writing.

A strange experiment in fiction where Bok only uses words with one particular vowel in a chapter.

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