Available now at – ISBN: – Soft cover – NARCEA – – Book Condition: New. ENEAGRAMA PARA PADRES Y EDUCADORES: Elizabeth Wagele: Books – Results 1 – 20 of 20 Add to basket ยท Eneagrama, guia facil y divertida/ Enneagram, Fun and Easy Guide. 59% Eneagrama para padres y educadores. 30% off.

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Bin ich dein Typ – bist du meiner?

In addition, this guide includes quizes and interactive exercises for the reader to identify their particular personality type, a list of recommended jobs tailored to each type, and practical job-hunting tools to launch the perfect career.

Child psychology Child rearing Enneagram Individual differences in children Interpersonal relations Interpersonal relations–Testing Introversion Parent and child Parenting Personality and occupation Psychology Self-esteem in children Typology Psychology Vocational guidance.

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Ontdek je type met het enneagram: This witty and informative guide demystifies the educadoees Enneagram system with cartoons, exercises, and personality tests that reveal our motivations and desires and show how to put that knowledge to use in our everyday lives.


The enneagram for teens: Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Are you my type, am I yours? This book takes an different approach to help introverts become comfortable and happy with who they are.

Elizabeth Wagele

The enneagram made easy: The system profiles nine types, hence “enneagram. In geometry, an enneagram is a 9-pointed figure or star; but in our case it is a personality typing system like Myers-Briggs for self study and personal growth.

The enneagram of parenting: This skill can then be applied to any number of relationships, including parenting. Finding the birthday cake: Why don’t you understand?

The Career Inside You celebrates the fact that each person looking for work guidance is different. Most widely held works by Elizabeth Wagele. Susie Weller describes the four distinct ways the human brain gathers and processes information?

Xun zhao ling hun ban lu: Eneagrama para padres y educadores: Readers benefit from being led on an internal journey where they are introduced to nine distinct career types. Elements of each of these in varying amounts are within us, with one being predominant. The career within you: By the end of the journey the reader will be able to make realistic appraisals of themselves from which to make superior career choices. Using her expertise in making the Enneagram accessible through simple text and zany, informative cartoons, Wagele shows parents how to be edufadores and compassionate, willing and eager to recognize the unique potential of every child and to respond to and nurture each child appropriately.

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