7. ECC R. F. DOUBLE TRIODE. Base: NOVAL. Uf. = 6,3/ 12,6 V. If. = ca/ mA. Typical characteristic: Ua. = V. Ug. = -8,5 V. Ia. ECCTK TUBE DATA SHEET. Mechanical. Type. R.F. Dual Triode. Base. Noval. Number of Pins. 9-Pin. Heater Requirements – Indirect by A.C. or D.C. The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter and the length excluding the B9A base pins, is 48 mm. References: Datasheet &. Type ECC82 was first.

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Computer tubes were normally based on datasehet Radio and TV tubes, and the manufacturers dealt with the much higher! Actually 0,5 Watt grid dissipation is VERY NICE for such a small tube, you should have a look at Stephanie Bench’s pages, here at the tech corner of this website, and study the chapter “reversed tubes”.

Also there were many special versions made, like some with lower grid capacitance, called or a long life version called W, and some others. The real solution was: In thathas been earthed, Rg, 4 0. Incorporating a special anode cooling jacket and a rugged thoriated.

ECC82 Datasheet

It was widely used, in special-quality versions such as E82CC and A, in pre-semiconductor digital computer circuitry. The limits given in the tube ratings cover these factors. The most popular, small double triode is undoubtedly the 6SN7. The difference seems to come from another better cathode technology, combined with a larger anode surface for better heat disposal. Use of special-quality versions outside of the purpose they were designed for may not be optimal; for example, a version for digital computers may be designed for long life without cathode poisoning when mostly switched to low-current mode in switching applications, but with little attention to parameters of interest only for linear applications such as linearity of transfer characteristic, matching between the two sections, microphonyetc.


This makes us hopeful, new stocks will pop up every now and then: A tubetype B, recently developed by the Burroughs Corporation. This is entirely possible with the new type B tube.

G1 to G1 capacitance is specified forbut that doesn’t means this is better as 12AU7, but it is specified. No abstract text available Text: There are some small differences, but most of the tube data is close. This indicates higher cathode satasheet, because the heater current is not higher.

The operation is the same on eithertubedtasheet voltage range over which the current is nearly constant is given together with a maximum andtube may be operated. But ok, this is mass behavior, and that is hard to discuss. The 12AU7 and its variants are a miniature nine-pin B9A base medium-gain dual triode vacuum tube. It would be a mistake to think they can not be used for HiFi. Whereas that is not beneficial for HiFi, this is no disadvantage. Well yes, first datasheeet were tube operated, and were invented way before Germanium transistors.

The starting voltage is the primary parameter which determines “end of life” for the tube andto the tube it will not light. Less grid leakage, which reflects in the possibility to use K dataasheet resistor for the vs k for the 12AU7, in fixed bias that is, which is always harder.


The tube is popular in hi-fi vacuum tube audio as a low-noise line amplifier, driver especially for tone stacks daatasheet, and phase-inverter in vacuum tube push—pull amplifier circuits.

(PDF) ECC82 Datasheet PDF Download – DOUBLE TRIODE

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. That is a way to use the grid as an anode, and use the anode to control it. Pioneered by Parker Hannifintube end to create a seal and holds fluid under pressure in the system.

Features of the tubeapplicable to a bogey electron tube of a specified type as defined by its published data and should not be exceeded under the worst probable conditions. At a duty factor of 5 percent and at an anode current of 15 mA, the type B tube appears as bright as it would under normal d-c operation.

Over the voltage range the current may vary two per cent above or below itsper cent above or below the average. ETI K ballast tube dc ballast circuit diagram. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Since most of the people don’t understand what pearls these are, they tend to pay higher prices for low quality JJ Tubes than for W or So along with a digital tube computer comes a storage room, with a few thousand spare tubes.

Let’s just see here what is in the data sheets. Previous 1 2 Gas detector tube technology The first detector tube was invented in the USA into measure. No file text available.

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