NASA Technical Report NASA-TR-R Carpenter, J., Davidson, G., Franklin, F ., and Shepherd, O. Preliminary Observations of Meteor. Free to Copy – One important document was: NASA Technical Report R, “Chronological Catalog of Reported. RARE RARE RARE TO FIND!!! CHRONOLOGICAL LISTING OF LUNAR EVENTS (Including Unexplained FOR the People) by androline in Browse > Science.

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Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events NASA TR R

Despite the success of Apollo missions in the late s and early s, NASA has never been able to answer the question: For centuries, naas from all over the world, including the Nazi Germans, reported UFOs flying on the lunar surface. Some TLPs may be caused by gas escaping from underground cavities.

This Documenh official catalog contains reports of ufological abnormalities from famous astronomers, such as the observation of Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassiniwho reported: However, careful analysis of these images shows no discernible differences at these sites.

Shown at right – satellite view of the Earth; with the Moon visible below.

Herschel, claimed that he had noticed some bright lights on the moon. These gaseous events are purported to display a distinctive reddish hue, while others have appeared as white clouds or an indistinct haze. A transient lunar phenomenon TLP or lunar transient phenomenon LTP is a short-lived light, color, or change in appearance on the surface of the Moon.


Yes, I Wan’t This. However, these are some of the most common targets when viewing the Moon, and this correlation could t277 an observational bias.

The Moon | NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

This report contains almost UFO events that took place on the monthly surface between and Send me the code. Over the years, interest in lunar matters, and particularly in changes and events, has waxed and waned. Imagine our world ravaged by the winds of a hurricane, with temperatures ranging from frosty heat to frost. Each entry includes documenf brief description and date of the observation, the name serverswhere these are known, and the reference.

The moon is full of aliens.

The Moon | NASA Catalog Of Lunar Sightings Event

In the ‘s the Cold War was white-hot with the US vs. Astronomical imaging Lunar science Observational astronomy Lunar observation. Journal of the British Astronomical Association.

Enter your email and get the coupon code. Many cases given, photographs, spectra, or photometric or spectrometric e.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Good articles. One important document was: If an event were to be observed at two different places on Earth at the same time, this could be used as evidence against an atmospheric origin. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. The Moon With the observation through technical tools that have increasingly amplified the image and details of the Moon, questions, and answers evolved rapidly, and then at this beginning of the cosmic era, scattering the myths, moon expeditions led to true spectacular culmination of knowledge and accomplishments.


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Naas have intervened, and bad weather cycles have undoubtedly reduced the amount of observing at times. Insome dark shadows were reported in the Aristotle area of the Moon. In the majority of cases the original refer- ence has been consulted; secondary sources such as the new edition of Houzeau and Lancaster’s Bibliographie General d’Astronomie and the Astronomischer Jahresbericht were also used.

The frontispiece shows the documnt distribution of sites of reported lunar events. Strange lights on the moon have been seen over time in more than reports. A pivotal part of this competition involved what became known as: In Februarya bright white light was observed for about 1 hour.

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