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Questa Norma viene pubblicata dal CEI nella sola lingua inglese in quanto particolarmente mirata a settori specialistici. La presente CEI image The Biodry device is in conformity with the safety requirements regarding exposition to electromagnetical fields, EN; ICNIRP, //CE, CEI 6. Control by local Authorities by using standards CE and and Article 14 of Law No. 36 a. b. Reference to Standard CEI Multiple frequency.

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Biodry the Solution

Several test levels are defined which relate to different environment and installation conditions. Esposizione dei lavoratori ai campi elettromagnetici. La Norma contiene immagini e testo che, per una migliore lettura del contenuto, richiedono la stampa a colori.

Equipment intended for professional, industrial-process, industrial-manufacturing and educational use is covered by this part. Relates to the immunity requirements of equipment, only under operational conditions, to damped oscillatory magnetic disturbances related to medium voltage and high voltage sub-stations. Le apparecchiature progettate per irradiare energia elettromagnetica cie campo delle radiocomunicazioni sono escluse dalla presente norma.

The intention of this publication is to establish uniform requirements for the radio disturbance level of the equipment contained in the scope, to fix limits of disturbance, to describe methods of measurement and to standardize operating conditions and interpretation of results.

Equipment which fulfils the requirements at these frequencies is deemed to fulfil the requirements in the entire frequency range from 0 Hz to GHz for electromagnetic phenomena. Tests for these networks will be covered by future IEC standards.

The object of IEC La presente Norma specifica le prescrizioni particolari per la sicurezza di base e le prestazioni essenziali degli apparecchi ed accessori per la elettrochirurgia ad alta frequenza. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published inAmendment 1: The receiver types to be protected are, for example, broadcast receivers sound and televisionland mobile radio, radio telephone, amateur, citizens’ radio, Satellite Navigation GPS, etc.

  ISO 8503-4 PDF

Such testing is outside the scope of this publication and may not be used to demonstrate compliance with it. The following list, although not comprehensive, gives an indication of locations that are included: The recommended practice covers the origin of surge voltages, rate of occurrence and voltage levels in unprotected circuits, waveshapes of representative surge voltages, energy, and source and impedance.

It includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: The test method documented in this part of IEC describes a consistent method to assess the immunity of an equipment or 2211-6 against a defined phenomenon. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition, published in It additionally defines ranges of test levels and establishes test procedures.

The object of this standard is to define the emission test requirements for apparatus defined in the scope in relation to continuous and transient, conducted and radiated disturbances. Gli ambienti considerati sono quelli industriali, sia interni che esterni.

A pplies to electrical and electronic apparatus intended for use in residential, commercial and light-industrial environments. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in and its Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 Equipment covered by other CISPR product and product family emission standards are excluded from the scope of this standard. MME intended primarily for professional use is within the scope of this publication.

La Norma si occupa dei campi elettromagnetici per frequenze fino a GHz. La presente Norma di 2116- definisce, con riferimento all’esposizione umana ai campi elettromagnetici ad alta frequenza, i metodi di calcolo e di misura del campo elettromagnetico e del SAR prodotti dalle stazioni radio base e dalle stazioni cdi fisse per sistemi di telecomunicazione senza fili operanti nella gamma di frequenze tra MHz e 40 GHz. The object of this standard is to establish a common reference for evaluating the immunity of electrical 2111-6 electronic equipment when subjected to voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations.


Chatta con noi online! The emission requirements have been selected so as to ensure that disturbances generated by apparatus operating normally in residential, commercial and light-industrial locations do not exceed a level which could prevent other apparatus from operating as intended.

Specifies minimum requirements for 2116- immunity and performance criteria regarding electromagnetic compatibility EMC of electrical and electronic equipment for ships.

Friest – Strumentazione per misure CEM, Strumentazione EMC e Filtri RF

This third edition of CISPR cancels and replaces the second edition published in and its Amendments 1 and 2 This edition includes the following significant technical change with respect to the previous edition: La presente Norma ha lo scopo di definire i limiti e i metodi di prova per le apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche da utilizzare negli ambienti industriali, in relazione alle emissioni elettromagnetiche, che possono causare interferenze ad altre apparecchiature, nella gamma di frequenze da 0 vei GHz e per le quali non esistono norme sull’emissione riferite al prodotto o a famiglie di prodotti.

Specifications for antennas and test sites are included. These test requirements represent essential electromagnetic compatibility immunity requirements. It includes such equipment as: It specifies limits of harmonic components of the input current which may be produced by equipment tested under specified conditions. The test method documented in IEC The contents of the interpretation sheet 1 of August have been included in this copy.

This consolidated version consists of the third editionvei amendment 1 and its amendment 2

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