Savannah would be happy spending the summer working at the library and reading. But then she meets Jackson, who Savannah’s convinced is the one. At first. and her wonderful debut BREATHING should have made a stop here months back. Cheryl RenĂ©e Herbsman lives in Northern California with. Book: Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman Rating: 5 Stars Summary: Savannah would be happy to spend the summer in her coastal Carolina.

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Breathing was a very cute, quick and fun read. I do think it probably deserves some of the attention a lot of its YA counterparts are getting, and considering it’s Breatying first novel, I think it deserves a chance.

I do not do it regularly. Alright so I feel bad about not liking this book, but it was really hard for me because it was so heavy with Southern Speak.

It deserves to be more than forgettable, but I fear it’ll join the ranks o I’m still not really cherly how I feel about this book. Cheryl has written a stunning, beautiful, charming book–the story is so simple and so perfect. A lot of teen readers will empathize with Savannah and be rooting for her to achieve her goals.


Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman Book Reviews

Anyone can post a reader review, so post yours today! It feels very believeable and possible and I love that. Child like innocence, random tempers, as well as the hidden love for her family. At times she got a bit whiny and fake, but overall she was genuine.

The relationship between these two was an up and down roller coaster. It was imperfect and that in and of itself made this a story worth checking out. First of all, I liked the whole asthma thing and the idea of breathing.

But she meets Jackson. What happens if he leaves and she can’t breathe without him? In one chapter the mom and daughter have a fight Mom goes out and gets drunk brings man home, Mom realizes her mistake upon entering house, and daughter helps her get him hebrsman leave.

He held Savannah together, he held her whole world together and at first it was sweet and thoughtful, but after a while it seemed like he was just trying to keep Savannah happy. But I got the main point and the language enhanced Breathing even more. Before we get to the reveal, here’s a message from Meredith: I loved the way how they talked, it seemed really cute.

He is quite the catch and I found myself really liking him. And Savannah and Jackson have some heat going on. It makes me feel all giddy inside whenever I hear his Southern accent. Lists with This Book.


Well, it really wasn’t my cup of tea, or perhaps glass of sweet tea would be a bit better. When he has to leave, can she cope with the distance? It was just so distracting, because it made me wonder if people really talk like that, since I know tons of Southerners who b I’m sort hwrbsman on the fence with this one. I went from not caring to not wanting it to end and rener on and so forth.

An Endless Quest Book. When Savannah collapses after an asthma attack, Jackson stays by her side the whole time she is in the hospital.

Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman

Looking for More Great Reads? Not to mention her chronic stalking. Overall, the book was amazing! I’m still not really sure how I feel about this book.

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