Walkthrough a. Escaping to the Past This is a walkthrough for Episode Four of Back to the Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is. Back to the Future at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. More Wiki Sections. Walkthrough. Collectibles. Cheats and. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Back to the Future in The walkthrough for this episode is under “The Future isn’t Written.

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Use the slide advancer. Talk to the Judge and tell him that Emmett says he won’t listen. Tell Edna that Carl Sagan wants to talk to her, and tell her that it’s about the speakeasy arsonist.

The diamond is in the Hill Valley of the Future fuutre. As the barrels stop Edna will enter the stablishment if one can call you that and grab a barrel of “soup” for delivery. After the drill is ready, head back to the Police Station to bust out Doc.

Back to the Future – Episode 1: It’s About Time Walkthrough

Head to the end of the kitchen and try to open the door. Place the override from your inventory on the emitter and aim it on the receiver. Komplettlsugn episode approach is nice, but leaves a feeling of longing. A kind of game that I didn’t play since the good old days of Interplay and those Star Trek games, but I digress.

Back to the Future: The Game Walkthrough

Use the mind map on Emmett’s mind map, on the wall. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Go right to the tool box getting a tire iron, and on the top of the van the radio antenna. Seeing the grim future ahead, Doc will need Marty’s help to come up with a plan to bust him out of jail.


Back to the Future – Episode 1: It’s About Time Walkthrough

Marty gets in the car with Doc, and they drive out of town. Go back up and click on the bag sitting on the chandelier. Press the third and fourth buttons in quick succession, and the diamond-shaped prism falls down. It’s a picture of Officer Parker. Fortunately, Emmett’s new machine rates people on a scale of “model citizen” to “degenerate criminal”, so we can use the machine to prove Emmett is a fiend. Go back to the front right emitter, and move to the front of the car.

This isn’t the day after Kid Tannen was arrested. Go through the courthouse doors and climb down the rope which is now loose. Marty will have to find some way to prove komplettlsuny her that Emmett is a degenerate criminal.

Edna becomes furious, and Emmett tries to prove that he is still the same old Emmett, by using the Mental Alignment Meter. Talk with Doc about everything, while Marty and Doc wait for the police to leave. Then go to the front door and take Kimplettlsung hat.

Click on futire machine, which is brown and on the table with the record player. A degenerate criminal likes Tannens, so turn Emmett’s helmet to green, either by using the record player or the pot of soup.

The window that leads to the next room shows that Jennifer is nearby.

So maybe if Marty turns all the controls up all the way, he can blow the speaker. So, head back to downtown and face Kid Tennen, record his voice and set Einstein on him. Remember that dogs are good trackers. I totally agree with you. You can also press the escape button to adjust the game settings, quit playing, or save and load games.

He has no speaking lines in this game.

Back to the Future: The Game — Episode 4: Double Visions – Walkthrough

Then, let go of the conversation and pay attention on his mumblings while he walks. With no further ado, here’s the step-by-step. Right now, the mind map helmet rates him as yellow, which means “apathetic”.



Marty’s good friend, who built a time machine out of a car. All he does is in this game is yell at Marty and Doc a few times.

Go back to the front right emitter and click on the windscreen wiper. Use the windscreen wiper to close Mr. George McFly, conveniently, has hacked the security of the Citizen Plus building. He spent six months fixing the time machine, and then returned to this moment.

If you select “automatic goals”, the goal will automatically be shown thr anytime Marty gets a new goal.

Go downstairs and pull the handle on the red wall. Once you finish talking to her, talk to her again. Use the recording flower from your inventory on Edna. Examine the food tray to learn that Biff hasn’t taken his sedative pill. Once you use the spray cleaner on the caveman in the Hill Valley of the Past exhibit as part of the “faithful to Edna” puzzlethe light in the DeLorean turns green, which means it’s safe for Doc to take it on a test drive.

Edna appears and declares her intention to go see Emmett. Tell Doc you need a distraction and he’ll gladly provide one for you. Once Marty enters Edna’s apartment, she’ll insist to give him some tea, however, she forgets to turn on the fire to heat the water. Edna takes the postcard and uses it to get Trixie fired from her job. Back to the Future:

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