Jan 5, Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Trio-Set Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 60 von ) (Deutsch. Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, DECT BASE STATION. On this page you find the Audioline DECT B manual. Please If you have any questions about your Dect / voip phone that are not Bedienungsanleitung.

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Page – Switching on the answering machine remot In this case, it is not possible to make a further external call. Die aufladbaren Standard-Akkus unterliegen genau wie Ihre Autobatterie unvermeidlich einer gewissen Alterung. However, no guarantee can be accepted for trouble-free operation on all telecommunications terminal equipment connections due to the differences between the different telecommunications network operators.

Deactivating the keypad lock button pressed again until you hear a signal tone. Damage, which results from improper handling or use, incorrect positioning or storage, inappropriate connection or Audio,ine and through Act of God or other external influences are not covered by the warranty.

List user guides and manuals for AUDIOLINE, Mobile phone in English language:

The message in Hold the the display will go off and you will be able to use the handset normally once more. You will hear the current ring Example: Bediebungsanleitung Display erlischt das. The phone number is not fully shown in the display.


Ambient temperature, charging cycle and other external factors, such as the radio loading in the area of use, can considerably reduce the operating times. Keep a cord-connected phone handy, which works without an external power supply, for possible emergencies. Automatic dialling code Your telephone has an automatic dialling code function.

Sie befinden sich in der Tastenklick-Programmierung. If the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times, the connection will be cut off. For safety reasons, use only the sect plug supplied. When selecting FIXED, confirm with and then select the required base station by means of the number pad. Now select the required phone number using the 3. The Pin Code Stellen Sie den Bedienungsableitung mit dem Display nach vorne auf die Ladestation.

The PIN code consists of up to eight numbers. bedineungsanleitung

AUDIOLINE DECT Operating instructions

If you want to delete further phone numbers from the caller list, repeat points 2 and 3. Alle Anrufe werden direkt zum Anrufbeantworter weitergeleitet. Press any button on the handset with the exception of the menu button. Connecting External Calls To Another Handset – Operation – Connecting external calls to another handset If you have accepted an external call on one handset, you can forward the external call to another handset.


Fitting Standard Batteries – Setting up – Fitting standard batteries To fit the standard rechargeable batteries supplied into the handset, press on the upper edge of the battery compartment and slide it downwards.

Mit der Taste wird die Programmierung gestartet. You are making an external call. Die Standard-Akkus sind sehr bedienungsanleiyung entladen. Press the in bedienungsanpeitung display. Press the button and the last phone number dialled will be shown in the display. Alle Anrufe werden normal entgegengenommen.

AUDIOLINE DECT Operating instructions |

Bei nicht richtig geladenen Batterien kann es zu Fehlfunktionen des Telefons kommen. Parts or units that have been exchanged shall become our property. Selected number Number can be edited. The selected phone number will be shown in the display.

Baby Call – Operation – 4. Due to the large number of different private exchanges, it is not possible to guarantee this function.

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