Alfred Jarry’s The Supermale appears on virtually every list of cycling novels. But who was Jarry? And does The Supermale deserve its place. Alfred Jarry () threw down his challenge to literature, permanently altering its with whom he merges in the book’s–and the Supermale’s–final climax. I first read Alfred Jarry’s The Supermale in French many years ago, a part of a massive Gallimand paperback collection of all of Jarry’s work.

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Mostly it breaks down into ridiculous sexual heroics. After he sees Ellen apparently dead although she supermmale asleep, he writes a poem for her about Helen of Troy and the carnage she caused. Sometimes grotesque or misunderstood i. Can’t say I liked it, can’t say I didn’t. Other editions – View all The Supermale: This is Jarry’s major novel, to be read sulermale with the Gestures and Opinions of Dr.

The Indian is carried to where the people are, and they speculate that he can revive them by producing offspring with supreme qualities. Even Jarry himself had his doubts: If you’re a Jarry fan, you’ll love it. I thought Jarry looked like Ron, too. Supermale was translated into English by Barbara Wright in Most disappointing for me, and yet pleasant in re-acquaintance, was the sheer poetry of the thing: Ellen tells Andre that she had locked the seven prostitutes in a room.

They hear mysterious footsteps, and assume that an “Indian” is coming for them.

Jarry – The Supermale

Books by Alfred Jarry. May 07, Cheryl Supermald Gardner rated it it was amazing. In order find love, one must understand God. I give this book five stars for creativity event though, in fact, it kind of slows down and declines in quality towards the end.


I’m going to leave it. They are perfect goddesses. Aug 14, Matthew DeCostanza rated it really liked it Shelves: Wells, making Jarry an unwitting and probably unwanted fellow traveller with G.

Jarry – The Supermale | Exact Change

Sep 11, Lori rated it it was amazing. They finish a day and a half ahead of schedule but instead of finding cheering fans, they find roses at the finish line.

The self-inflicted trials and tribulations our protagonist endures in this story are beyond reason and ultimately absurd. Hyde, essentially what is a primer of all supermald science fiction.

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The Supermale

Jarry was a genius. Write your own comment on this book! Nov 03, Amy rated it it was amazing. Athough Jarry was well-versed in the classics his prose did not match that of his heroes. Retrieved from ” https: Andre Marcueil, gentleman and scientist, believes that human energy has no limits, and demonstrates his belief by undertaking a 10,mile bicycle race with a locomotive, followed by an indefinite bout of lovemaking.

To the universal attraction of the scientists they oppose affinities proper unto themselves. And what of love? A mad scientist tale crossed with bits of farcical high-society squabbling and one really long, bizarre passage about biking, this concerns the grand experiment of Andre Marcueil, who uses his own super-toned body to prove his theories about the infinite capacities of the human body, engaging in a weird stunt involving copulation on a grand scale.

Jarry’s equally revolutionary novels form the cornerstones of a science he named “Pataphysics,” a method for the rational disordering Irritated, he drowns them out with a phonograph.


Could he see God in himself, even though his egotistical mania filled him with the belief that he actually was God. Preview — The Supermale by Alfred Jarry. Feb 14, Oliver rated it it was amazing.

The mixture of organic and mechanical is pervasive throughout the book; the supegmale bicylers racing across Siberia are described as being one with their machine, and Marceuil himself opens the novel with the famous quote reproduced below, that is, human reproduction is no stranger or harder then a simple piston, pumping mechanically with no care for why it should care about the cylinder.

And not just in his references, his poetics or his imagery.

Jarry’s manier van schrijven doet ongekend modern en surr Bizarre, in de toekomst namelijk spelende, humoristische roman over de mens en de machine.

The trans-continental bicycle race, dreamy and eerie, is the high-point of the novel, with roses blooming on the high speed locomotive and the dead pedaling tandem across Russia. Apr 07, Chris Salisbury rated it liked it. The supermale Alfred Jarry Snippet view supfrmale They begin an experiment, with Bathybius observing and keeping count in a nearby room, and set a new record of 82 episodes of lovemaking breaking the old record of Barbara Wright, a novelist and screenwriter, lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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