The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet: A Novel [David Mitchell] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By the New York Times bestselling. The votes are in -and there’s a runaway winner: The Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet. David Mitchell’s most recent novel, published in. When, in , Ghostwritten detonated in a millennial fireburst of invention and ingenuity, its young author fast became a name to drop when.

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What is the purpose of historical fiction anyway? At times Mitchell can overwrite, too, when he should move on, but those instances are neither frequent nor extended. He has five years to prove himself an acceptable son-in-law and zzoet honourable, empathetic, clever and keen to learn. The length intimidated me, and I commonly complain here about overly long books.

I know so, ee little about history. I guess Marinus is referring to this pastel by Dutch painter Cornelis Troostbut the painting seems to depict drunken jafob trying to head home. Mitchell’s novel is panoramic in sweep and flawless in execution. He’s stationed in Dejima, a man-made island near Nagasaki, and given the job of reviewing the company’s books — problems with fraud and smuggling have left their accounts in bad shape.

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

Better an honest drowning than slow death by hypocrisy, law or debt. This, along with the fact that it is written entirely in the present tense, gives a sense of immediacy to the narrative. While 100 too is broken in many ways, in none of them is it so broken as the film industry. Atumns would probably have become a writer wherever I lived, but would I have become the same writer if I’d spent the last 6 years in London, or Cape Town, or Moose Jaw, on an oil rig or in the circus?


So much was hiding in plain sight.

View all 30 comments. In his earlier books, the disconnect of stories across time and space were fascinatingly and proddingly jarring. However, no such thoughts ever arose, and so I had to conclude: I’m a businessman and I can tell you you can’t build a business empire on waffle. A black dog waits On an outcrop.

Lord Sugar is looking for a historical novelist to invest in. They know they can benefit from trade and construct a system of containing foreigners to protect their society, while profiting. Reading David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet is like consuming that first, vital c There is an art to consuming a cup of coffee, particularly if it is the first of the day, when your sleep-fuzzed brain and sluggish muscles yearn for the rush of caffeine.

It is a work ce exhaustively researched historical fiction, set in the Dutch concession of Dejima in Japan a closed, artificial island, within a nation of islands closed to the worldat the crossover of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But as I continued to read, I realized I had to push past my tendency to devour instead of savour. If you go too slowly, you will lose the heat of the mystery and its complicated cast of characters. It may somehow be relevant that during this time Finland was part of the Swedish Empire, and Denmark had participated in two successive wars against Sweden in the decades preceding the jacb of the book.


So that went nowhere fast. The problematic politics of trading is compounded by complex Japanese etiquette and ritual, but also the difficulties of translation, as is cleverly demonstrated. The instrumental appeared on a album and precedes the novel.

Orito choosing to save others despite her imprisonment, jzcob Uzaemon abandoning his steady, obedient life to destroy the temple. Mitchell comes close to achieving the experience of simultaneity in a linear narrative, which is an amazing achievement.

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet – Wikipedia

View all 4 comments. Yes that’s a good word for it. His villains are ofttimes as compelling as his heroes, differing only in their intentions. Then amputate the arm to deliver the body. View all 70 comments. Better to strive to co-exist, than seek to disprove This “review” is no more than an opinion.

Who’s personal moral dilemmas led the world to this impasse? His position involves cleaning up a system rife with corruption and his best efforts are met with no little resistance. I found the story captivating and subtle, with a poetic nature, if that makes any sense at all David Mitchell can flat-out write.

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