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Natural and Heathy Nutrition


Yes, we feed appropriate to the species, just natural with raw meat and raw bones and also sometimes complete raw fish. Our cats are accustomed to a natural appropriate species diet. Now you are thinking what is this, so let me explain.
The species cat is a carnivore and needs fresh raw meat with natural vitamins and minerals to stay vital, happy and healthy and not always industrial dry or tin food with artificial vitamins and minerals.
Fresh raw meat is natural appropriate to the species and very healthy for the species cat as a carnivore. For example, - you and your family can not stay happy and healthy when you eat only canned or dry food (Corn Flakes) out of the bag, with artificial vitamins and artificial minerals ect.

A cat is a species original from the dessert, that does not drink much, she has not that feeling of being thirsty like a dog and therefore she takes the most of the liquid what she needs out of the food. A cat who will be fed constantly with dry food is permanently dehydrated and over the years being constantly dehydrated they have a very high risk for developing kidney disease. And also of the lack of enough liquid also urinal problems with a high risk developing bladder stones, because of the permanently dehydration. And also teeth and gum problems due to the unhealthy nutrition. Yes, but you are thinking now the dry food cleans the teeth, but it is not true. It is written of the industrial dry food bag but it is not correct. The best and natural way to clean the teeth and keep the mouth healthy is a piece of raw meat for a carnivore. Look at the teeth of your cat, these are teeth of a carnivore and not of a biscuit eater.
These teeth are perfect to catch little animals like mice, rats and also little rabbits.

These healthy and beautiful teeth belongs to a 2 years old cat. She is having natural raw meat and bones. No tartar and no gum inflammation due a healthy appropiete to the species nutrition

The four big pointed teeth are perfect to catch, hold and kill mice, rats and little animals. You see these teeth are not teeth of a bisquit eater these are perfect teeth of a carnivore.

The last teeth in the back, the molaren are perfect to cut the raw meat and little bones like a knife. Chewing and cut the raw meat and bones are cleaning the teeth just naturally and gives also a masage to the gum. This process protect our cats naturally from tartar and gum inflamation.

Please look at the ingredients of the food for your cat. There are rice, grain, corn, soy or even sugar. But the species cat can not digest rice, grain, corn, soy or even sugar and makes her over the time very ill. Did you know that grain is converted by the digestion system into sugar. Sugar in a digest system of a cat, a carnivore makes her ill. You are asking why the add grain at the cat food, a cat is a carnivore what is she doing with sugar? Yes because grain even is cheaper compare to fresh meat and with the right tasty artificial flavour the cat will eat it.
And did you know, that in some industrial cat or dog food are no meat when it is declared,- chicken meat flour, which means feathers, claws and beaks of chicken and not one piece of meat. Is this the right food for a carnivore or for a dog? The right place for feathers, claws and beaks are the rubbish and not in our darlings stomach.
You will find more information at the internet.
A cat is a carnivore and needs raw meat / raw fish. An example: A tiger has the same digestive system as the domestic cat. But the tiger in the zoo is having raw meat / fish and not industrial food.

The pet food industry is a big business and let us believe through advertising that our pets stay healthy and happy with their food, but it is not. To many cats suffer from kidney disease, bladder stones and gum inflammation due plaque, due to the unhealthy feeding.
And now you are thinking why my vet is telling me that raw meat is unhealthy and you should buy the special vet food. Maybe your vet is not good informed about a healthy appropriate to the species food and he would be happy to get some information.

You can give your cat pieces of fresh raw meat of chicken, poultry, also beef, goat, - everything. But no raw pork! Feed bones and spines (fish) only raw and natural. Do not give cooked bones to your dogs or cats, because the process of cooking takes the collagen out of the bone and makes them sharp so they could violate.
The raw meat doesn't has to be frozen before you give it to your cat or dog. You can feed also fresh meat in little mouth – pieces for your cat right from the butcher and they love it. We give also bigger pieces and they love to chew and eat it. This is very healthy to clean natural the teeth and mouth.
But very important to know, that when you feed fresh fish, like little Sardines they need to get frozen for at least 24 hours to kill the parasites. Since we knew that raw fish could also have nematodes we don´t eat Sushi anymore in each Sushi restaurant.

This is a complete vitamin and mineral for cats, with taurine to mix under the fresh raw meat. With Felini Complete you don´t need to give raw bones because it contains calcium. We buy Felini Complete because it has no sugar or other artificial flavour added. Just vitamins and minerals.

Also good to know is that the stomach acid of a carnivore is naturally very strong. A cat which is eating natural raw meat and if she likes also raw fish has a very natural robust and strong stomach acid to keep them healthy and provide also of intestine parasites after a study. This study has shown that natural raw fed cats and dogs are not sensitive of intestine parasites and bacteria compared to cats / dogs which eat only industrial food. This is logical, because think about how strong must be the stomach acid to digest pieces of a raw bones and meat. And good to know also that a natural stomach acid of a cat which is able to digest natural and fresh raw meat is also able to digest the own fur and will not have hairball digest problems, so you don´t need to buy the Malt Paste. Some of these Malt Paste are also sugar added to make that paste very yummy for the cat.  
A cat and dog who is just fed by industrial food has a very low stomach acid and therefore also very sensitive stomach. By the time some of the industrial eater are not a good eater, very fussy and over the time they need a special vet food for a sensitive stomach.  Yes, just a bit of cream or other food for the regularly industrial eater and they will have a bad tummy with digestion problems. You see a natural appropriate to the species food keeps our furry darlings vital, happy and healthy for a happy life.  You find more information on the i-net or at this US veterinary video, please have a look at this video

More information also from Dr. Dolores Sánchez, veterinarian in Madrid

When we give dry food we are feeding dry food just a a treat out of our hands and only without grains - Orijen, Arcana, Porta 21, Applaws

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